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Film Press Kits

Media/PR Contact

Rachael Brister (she/hers)
RCB Communications, Public Relations for SJCC

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | (206) 218-8912
Press accreditation, film screeners, and interviews available upon request.

Film Electronic Press Kits

EPKs contain hi-res film stills, poster, and press kits ◊ Quick link to Festival Media Kit


 Film Page Link

Film Title


Electronic Press Kits

the ancient law thumb

STG + SJFF Silent Movie Mondays: THE ANCIENT LAW

Silent Film + Live Score

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ask dr ruth thumb ASK DR. RUTH Documentary Dropbox logo
aulcie thumb AULCIE Documentary Dropbox logo
breaking bread thumb BREAKING BREAD Documentary Dropbox logo
butterflies thumb BUTTERFLY
Short Narrative Dropbox logo
crescendo thumb2 CRESCENDO 

Narrative (Drama)

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fiddler thumb FIDDLER:


Dropbox logo
forgiveness thumb FORGIVENESS Narrative (Comedy)
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the final hour thumb THE FINAL HOUR Documentary Dropbox logo
golda thumb


Documentary Dropbox logo
golden voices thumb GOLDEN VOICES

Narrative (Comedy)

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how to swim thumb HOW TO SWIM Short Narrative Dropbox logo
i was not born a mistake thumb I WAS NOT BORN A MISTAKE Documentary

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in your eyes trailer v2 IN YOUR EYES Documentary Dropbox logo
incitement thumb INCITEMENT Narrative (Thriller)

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The Iron Grandmother thumb THE IRON GRANDMOTHER Short Documentary

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the keeper thumb THE KEEPER Narrative (Drama)
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lattter day jew thumb LATTER DAY JEW Documentary

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leona thumb LEONA Narrative (Drama)
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lost and found thumb LOST AND FOUND Short Animation

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lyrebird thumb LYREBIRD
Narrative (Drama)
nazi vr thumb NAZI VR Short Documentary

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no bad endings thumb NO BAD ENDINGS Short Narrative

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mrs g thumb MRS. G Documentary Dropbox logo
the passengers thumb THE PASSENGERS Documentary Dropbox logo
picture-of-his-life thumb2 PICTURE OF HIS LIFE Documentary

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the rabbi goes west thumb THE RABBI GOES WEST Documentary Dropbox logo
shalom taiwan thumb SHALOM TAIWAN Narrative (Drama)
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sustainable nation thumb2 SUSTAINABLE NATION Documentary Dropbox logo
terror thumb TERROR Short Narrative

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the spy behind homeplate thumb



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those who remained thumb THOSE WHO REMAINED Narrative (Drama)

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