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2021 Trailer | Produced by: Aaron Horton, Fluency Films | Mountains of Sound

Virtually Together Again!

SJFF "Re-Zooms" March 4-18 | TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

Comedian Howie Mandel Launches SJFF 2021 Opening Night: We are excited to announce that the film HOWIE MANDEL: BUT, ENOUGH ABOUT ME will open the 26th Seattle Jewish Film Festival, which begins on March 4. Howie Mandel, veteran comedian and Emmy-nominated game show host, will join us along with acclaimed documentary film director Barry Avrich, for a Zoom conversation following the film.

During the two-week run, SJFF will feature 18 streaming films to lift your spirits, rouse belly laughs, and make you smile from ear to ear—from beginning to end, from Opening Night to Closing Weekend. Comedies, love stories, tales of triumph and overcoming adversity will joyously bring our community virtually together again, even though we're far apart.

Support SJFF Today

Please consider making a donation today in support of SJFF. Every amount supports our efforts to "re-zoom" virtually and deliver art and artists that uplift the human spirit during this challenging time. And, your support ensures ease and accessibility to people near and far, enabling everyone to enjoy more films, experience togetherness, and have impactful conversations at home and beyond.

View this year's levels + benefits and make a gift today:



The reviews are in! Here's what people are saying about our virtual festival:
• "This brings the experience to everyone – even those in remote Orcas Island!"
• "This [virtual] festival had a greater impact in my life than during any ordinary year."
• "We liked the window of watching times and the ability to sit in our family room and watch great movies."
• "I was able to have my family enjoy the films with me and learn and discuss together."

Did you know donations to SJFF come with amazing festival perks for your whole household? A donation of $500 gets you access to 6 household film tickets. Even better, a donation of $1,000 or more gets you a full household VIP pass, a film sponsorship, and other festival event perks. The deadline for donation is February 15.
Please donate today to guarantee you receive your festival benefits in time to smile, laugh, and gather 'round again. If you have already made a contribution to SJFF, thank you for your generous support!


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Submit Film

Submit a Film  filmfreeway-logo-hires-green-2e4028b4852b819a60f2f0156c97d30f

2020 SJFF Submissions open on May 15th

Submit a film through FilmFreeway (online submission platform). For additional questions about submission please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Opening Date: May 15, 2019
  • Earlybird Deadline: June 30, 2019
  • Deadline: October 25, 2019
  • Late Deadline: November 15, 2019
  • Seattle Jewish Film Festival 2020 March 21-29 | April 4-5

Locals Only

If you are a local Seattle or Washington-state resident filmmaker, email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss direct submission or obtaining a fee waiver code to input during your FilmFreeway submission process. Please note that once submission fees have been paid they may not be refunded.


Film contact will be notified of selection decision via email by February 1.

Formats for Festival Exhibition

  • DCP (preferably)
  • Blu-Ray

Rules and Regulations

All unsolicited submissions MUST come through FilmFreeway. Submission fees range from $15 - $40 with discounts for Gold members, students and short films.
Before you submit your film, please learn more about our festival and organizational mission, as it guides our curatorial consideration.

To qualify for consideration, all submissions must include a completed entry form, nonrefundable entry fee and screener.

In doing so, all applicants certify that they have the legal right to submit and exhibit the film. The applicant is hereby responsible and liable for any breach of rights or the law in the submission and exhibition process.

If you are a local Washington-state resident filmmaker, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss fee waiver code to input during your submission process.

Please note that once submission fees have been paid, they may not be refunded.

Viewing rights are restricted to organizational and SJFF staff, SJFF committee, and at our discretion, possible sponsors and panelists.

SJFF retains sole discretion to accept or decline submissions for any reason. Submission of a film does not guarantee exhibition in the festival. The decision of SJFF is final.

SJFF exhibits formats include DCP (preferably) and Blu-Ray.

SJFF welcomes U.S. and international entries. Foreign language films must include English subtitles.

Film contact will be notified of selection decision via email by February 1.

Selected applicants grant SJFF rights to utilize sections of their HD trailer or Film Freeway screener for festival PR/promotion, such as our trailer, and to share with the press, unless otherwise notified or delimited.

SJFF is a program of Stroum JCC, a 501C3 non-profit organization. While we recognize the funding challenges that filmmakers face, film submission revenue is part of the festival's operating budget. We do offer student and local filmmakers reduced or waived fees. Unfortunately, beyond that, we are unable to. Fee waivers are rarely granted. Student filmmakers must be currently enrolled or recently graduated, or their submission a student project, and you will be asked to submit references or documentation for verification.

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Award Winning SJFF Films


 picture-of-his-life thumb2

1st Golden Or (Light) Jury Prize

PICTURE OF HIS LIFE | Dir. Dani Menkin
World renowned wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum has one final photographic dream remaining - to photograph a Polar Bear underwater. As the journey unfolds, so does an intimate and painful story of dedication, sacrifice, and personal redemption.

picture-of-his-life thumb2

Audience Choice Award: Best Documentary Feature

PICTURE OF HIS LIFE | Dir. Dani Menkin


shoelaces thumb

Audience Choice: Best Narrative Feature

The heartwarming story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son.

accountant of aushwitz thumb

Audience Choice: Best Documentry Feature

In 2015, 94-year-old former German SS officer, “The Accountant of Auschwitz,” admitted his guilt and went on trial.

driver is red thumb

Audience Choice: Best Animated Short

The search for a mysterious, Nazi war criminal extends to 1960s Buenos Aires, Argentina, in this animated true-crime documentary thriller


tattoo thumb

Audience Choice: Best Narrative Short 

A mortuary artist can’t cover all old wounds.


wendys shabbat thumb

Audience Choice: Best Documentary Short

A Jewish boy tries to impress his Jamaican girl crush and her family.



An-Act-of-Defiance calendar thumb

Audience Choice: Best Narrative Feature

A courageous lawyer defends Mandela’s inner circle—some black, some Jewish—in 1963 South Africa. 


Sammy Davis Jr calendar thumb

Audience Choice: Best Documentry Feature

A toe-tapping, star-studded homage to this immensely talented, black-Jewish Puerto-Rican, Rat Pack entertainer. Watch on PBS Masters


Acheinu calendar thumb

Audience Choice: Best Narrative Short

A heated discussion at a bus stop between a secular former IDF soldier and an Orthodox man leads to an unforgettable turn of events. Watch on YouTube


Streaming FAQs

Virtually Together (Again)! SJFF Streams March 4-18, 2021

For 26 years, the Seattle Jewish Film Festival (SJFF) has presented outstanding films and programs that celebrate global Jewish and Israeli life, heritage, history, diversity, and culture through cinema. Please support SJFF by joining us online for over two weeks showcasing 19 virtual films (each streaming for 72 hours) and look for announcements of Zoom conversations with filmmakers, comedians, and online special events! Make it a watch party! Look for links from our SJFF food vendor partners for opening night, brunch film kits, closing weekend, and closing night mixology kits. Follow links on our website to purchase and choose pickup or delivery.  

Quick Links:





STREAMING FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please check this page regularly as information may be updated at anytime before and during the festival

Ticketing Questions: 1 Ticket/Pass = 1 Household = 1 Device
Only one ticket or pass is required per household, but we appreciate your buying multiple tickets to support SJFF, of course! Each ticket/pass will allow you to stream the film once during its 72-hour viewing window. If others plan to watch the film from other devices or location, additional tickets will be needed. If you received a free ticket or pass from a festival sponsor, you will need to enter the voucher code HERE to watch (and please consider making a donation HERE). Thank you!

When are films available to watch + how long do I have to watch them?
Most films are available for a 72-hour viewing window but there is no “grace period.” Please check the streaming start and cutoff times at the top of each film page, also reflected on our Virtual Cinema Page. Plan viewing time accordingly. Once you start watching a film, you may start and stop as long as you continue on the same device (in the same location/Wi-Fi). Once a film is released, you can purchase tickets up until two (2) hours before the viewing window closes.

How do I get my tickets?
Once you purchase tickets, passes, or a package, you will receive an order confirmation email, containing some links and instructions to get you ready for the online festival and when your film is released/available. If your first time purchasing, you will also receive an email invitation to "Join” the “SJFF Online Portal." To join and access your films through your patron account, enter name, email, and create a password. Logging into your patron account will help you access your Virtual Watch page, where you can access all of your content. You can also view your order history and 6-Pack purchasers can "fulfill package" and select films. If you do not receive the email(s), check your spam or junk mail folder for “Seattle Jewish Film Festival” or "Elevent" ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). If you still cannot locate the email(s), login to your patron account to confirm the transaction was processed and view your order history, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.

How do I watch films? Do I need to create a patron account and login with a password to watch?

♦ Option 1: Film Links - For single films you only need to click the link on your Virtual Access Email to watch. One (1) hour before each film is released, single ticket purchasers will receive a Virtual Access email with a link to “View SJFF Online” and a voucher code.* When that film starts streaming, click that link to access the Virtual Watch Page—simply click play and enjoy! If you purchase a film that is already streaming, your purchase confirmation email will contain a “View on SJFF Online” live link, so you can start watching right away. Once you have started watching a film on one device, you cannot use the link/code on another device. If you do not receive a Virtual Access email, check your spam or junk mail folder for “Seattle Jewish Film Festival” or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Still can’t locate the email(s), login to your patron account to view your order history and access your Virtual Watch Page, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.*Voucher codes are required only if you are trying to watch on a SmartTV using the Elevent TV App (available on Roku or Apple TV devices) or if you buy then “gift” a ticket to a friend, who can enter that voucher code HERE to watch the film as long as they reside in the geographic region for that film screening (see below).

♦ Option 2: Register to Access SJFF Watch Portal - Recommended for those with multiple film purchasers. The easiest way to watch your film(s) is to register (using your purchase email and create a password) at Now you can login to your account, and for each ticket, when a film is available, simply click the blue “View SJFF Online” button to watch during its 72-hour streaming window.

How do I access my films with a pass?
Pass holders can access all 19 films through the SJFF Watch Portal. In order to watch films, pass holders must register and create a login to access their patron account. If you purchased a pass online, you probably already created your login. If you received a complimentary Sponsor VIP Pass you must first create an account at using the same email in your confirmation). Once registered you can now log in to the SJFF Online Portal (bookmark to see all content and view any films currently streaming. When a film is available, simply click play. Pass holders do not receive Virtual Access emails with clickable links like ticket purchasers, so you must login to the SJFF Watch Portal to access content. However, if there is a live Zoom conversation, you will receive an email one (1) hour before it begins with your access link. Pass and ticket purchasers are automatically registered for ALL Zoom events.

How do I redeem my 6-Pack(s) of films?
Once you make a 6-Pack purchase, you will immediately be directed to begin fulfilling your ticket package, where you can click "fulfill package" or "fulfill later." If ready, click "fulfill package" and you will be taken to the Elevent home page. Scroll down to Seattle Jewish Film Festival, and click "Search Events"to start shopping on our Virtual Cinema Page. On each film page, you will see an SJFF 2021 | 6-Pack FREE ($0) ticket option, available as long as you still have tickets left. Click "Add to Cart" to select a film (IGNORE the message "this will replace all tickets in your cart"). To keep shopping, click "Search Events" (to left) to return to our Virtual Cinema Page. When ready, hit “checkout” to confirm selections then “complete fulfillment” to process. You should not be charged as long as you have ticket credits remaining, and you will receive an email verifying your selections. To "fulfill later" and access any remaining films in your package, login to your patron account and under your name, click "account." It will show you the number of 6-pack tickets left and you can start the process above by clicking "Fulfill Package." You can always see selected films under "View Order." For each film, you will now receive a Virtual Access Email to watch, or you can login to your account to access your Virtual Watch Page (recommended), where all your content can be viewed and played when available.

Can a virtual screening sell out?
Due to caps on the number of views permitted, virtual screenings have capacity limits and can sell out. We encourage you purchase/redeem tickets as soon as possible to prevent missing out.

Can I watch my film from anywhere in the U.S.?
Many of our films are available throughout the U.S. Some filmmakers and distributors dictate the geographic region where their film may be viewed, so it varies from film to film. Please check each film page for geoblocking details. Some films are proscribed to WA State, others Pacific Northwest or West Coast states. Location is determined by your device’s IP address (where you are watching from) not your billing/mailing address. Films are not viewable outside the U.S.

Can I finish or watch my film if the 72-hour window has expired?
Sorry, no. Please be sure to pay attention to the streaming period (start/release and close/expiration date and times) shown atop each film page on and in our Virtual Cinema page. Once you begin to watch, be sure to complete your viewing the film cutoff time. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions once the viewing window expires.

Can I purchase a ticket for someone outside my household?
Yes! Films are a very thoughtful gift. You will receive a confirmation email with a voucher code in your email. Forward this email to the gift recipient. They can use the voucher go HERE to watch the film, or click the "Watch My Film Now" button above.

Can I watch or participate in Guest Zooms?
Live Zoom conversations and Q&A’s take place on a specific date and time through Zoom. If there is a Zoom scheduled, it will be noted atop the film page or on our Guest Zoom page. We will continue to add guests and culinary partners for ordering food and engagement opportunities, so please check the website regularly. Once a Zoom is planned, ticket purchasers and pass holders will be automatically registered and should receive an email (from Zoom) one (1) hour prior to the start time with your access link and instructions to join by computer or phone. Only those with tickets to that film screening and pass holders are invited to join. If you did not get the link to join within one (1) hour from the start time, please check your junk mail or spam folder for an email from Zoom (subject “SJFF 2021 Zoom”) or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help. Some Zooms are pre-recorded and instructions on how to watch those will be available on each film page. Eventually we will post all Zoom recordings on our SJCC Arts+Ideas Seattle Jewish Film Festival YouTube channel. So, even if you missed the live Q&A, you can usually watch the recording later.

How do I order from a Culinary Partner + Pickup at the J, if an option?
We are thrilled to partner with a number of delicious Culinary Partners this virtual festival! Make it a special event: order Opening Night cinema cupcakes, Sunday Brunch Film Kits or Matinee bagel + schmear or pastrami sandwich kits, or kosher Mediterranean for our Culinary Cinema program. Most vendors are offering a FREE drive-by pickup option at the Stroum JCC on Mercer Island, and other pickup/delivery options. Please check our Culinary Partners Page for details (incuding order deadlines) and place your order. Please support these local vendors, most  donating back to the J with your purchase!

More Troubleshooting + Tech Tips

The following tips are meant to help acclimate customers to the SJFF online platform, chosen for ease of virtual film delivery. We will do our best to help all our patrons; however, SJFF is only able to support issues with our own ticketing and streaming systems. We cannot support individual device and Internet challenges. Please first try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in our FAQs, and if you still need help, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with details and your phone number. We will do our best to get back to patrons in 24-48 hours. Please identify the film and issue in the subject.

Watch basics: Our friends at the Austin Jewish Film Festival are using the same virtual delivery platform and have created some great instructional videos on how to order a film and how to use the Elevent TV app (available on Roku and Apple TV devices). Click HERE to watch their video demonstrations and get answers to some frequently asked questions.

What devices can I watch on?

  • Computers: PC running Windows 7+ or Mac running OS 10.12+
  • iPad or iPhone: Any iPad or iPhone using Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. Note: you must have "Screen Mirroring" turned OFF for content to play
  • Android tablet or phone: Any tablet or phone using Chrome on Android 6.0 or later
  • TV using an HDMI cable: Watch a quick video to learn how to connect your laptop to your TV this way to watch
  • If you have Roku or Apple TV you can download the Elevent TV app. Once downloaded, enter your film's voucher code (sent in your Virtual Access email) to unlock and watch your VOD film through these devices. Watch this video from our friends at the Austin Jewish Film Festival.
  • Using Chromecast: Select the cast button in the bottom right hand side of the player.
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. We recommend using the latest version of your chosen browser.
  • If you have private VPN network at home, you must turn it off or your video will not play.

Why does the film stall or not play smoothly? Bandwidth is often the culprit. If your Internet connection is poor or inconsistent, you may experience problems during playback. Before viewing, we recommend you close all competing apps/browsers/devices, and then launch a singular window/app for film viewing. Competing household users will slow Wi-Fi down too. Try moving closer to your router, try a different browser, or clear your browser cache. If you are getting slower speeds, try resetting your internet router or contacting your Internet provider's technical support

Helpful Zoom links:

SJFF help:

  • For purchases: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For tech issues: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Sponsor support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Community Partners: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2021 Guests

Festival Guests

In order of Zoom Appearance Dates

How to Zoom? All ticket and pass holders will be automatically registered for the Zoom. You will receive an email invitation one (1) hour before the Zoom start time with a link to join the webinar (by computer or telephone). For the Opening Night pre-recorded conversation with Howie Mandel and Barry Avrich, you will receive a separate email with a link to watch on our Virtual Cinema Page.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not receive a Zoom link (please check junk mail/spam first). In your email, specify ticket purchaser name/email and film or Zoom issue.

Howie-Mandel headshot 130x130

Howie Mandel

Zoom Conversation (pre-recorded) with Director Barry Avrich

Howie Mandel
has remained a constant force in show business for more than 30 years. He can currently be seen on NBC's flagship series America's Got Talent where he has served as a judge for eleven seasons. In 2019 he released his first solo special in 20 years Howie Mandel Presents Howie Mandel at the Howie Mandel Comedy Club. More recently, Mandel teamed up with ePlay Digital Inc. to launch the charity, Breakout the Masks, and a mobile game campaign to give back to those involved in the fight against COVID-19. He received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program for Deal or No Deal and a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Game Show Host for the syndicated version of the show. His frank, funny and no-holds-barred memoir, "Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me" (2009), about his ongoing struggle with OCD and ADHD made The New York Times bestseller list.

Barry-Avrich headshot 130x130

Barry Avrich

Zoom Conversation (pre-recorded) with Howie Mandel

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Barry Avrich is responsible for over 48 documentaries and best known for provocative exposes of Hollywood power brokers such as Lew Wasserman (THE LAST MOGUL), Harvey Weinstein (THE RECKONING), BLURRED LINES: INSIDE THE ART WORLD, DAVID FOSTER: OFF THE RECORD, and the critically acclaimed film PROSECUTING EVIL. Avrich has also produced the Scotiabank Giller Prize and Canadian Screen Awards broadcasts. In 2007, Avrich built the world's first state-of-the-art movie theatre in a hospital at Toronto's SickKids. Barry Avrich also directs and produces the prestigious Stratford Festival "Stage to Screen" films. In 2016, Avrich released his best-selling memoir, Moguls, Monsters and Madmen.


Warren Etheredge

Zoom Conversation with Howie Mandel + Barry Avrich (Pre-recorded)

Cultural conversationalist and storyfinder, Warren Etheredge, is a regular moderator on the SJCC Arts+Ideas stage and Seattle Jewish Film Festival, where he also curates our short film programs. Warren is founding faculty of TheFilmSchool and Artistic Director and co-founder of the Walla Walla Movie Crush. In the Fall of 2017, he launched a new 30-week screenwriting program at the University of Washington and was appointed the VP of Curation & Acquisitions for Heyou Media. The founder of The Warren Report. He is a published author, staged playwright, successful producer, veteran festival programmer and much sought-after public speaker.

 Michelle-Paymar-headshot 130x130

Michelle Paymar

Zoom Conversation: Tuesday, March 9 at 6:30pm

Michelle Paymar
received a Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing from the American Film Institute and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley. Paymar is a member of the International Documentary Association and Women in Film. Her production company makes independent documentaries and promotional films for nonprofits and NGO's. Clients include Amnesty International (Canada) Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay (California) and Ayubowan Women's Project (Sri Lanka). Earlier films include her pioneering AIDS documentary, FOR OUR LIVES, and SIPPIE, a documentary about classic blues artist Sippie Wallace (Co-Directed with Roberta Grossman). 

Brendan-G-Goldsmith headshot 130x130

Brendan G. Goldman

Zoom Conversation: Tuesday, March 9 at 6:30pm

Brendan G. Goldman is the Hazel D. Cole Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies at the University of Washington. He is a historian of the Jewish communities of the medieval Islamic world and a specialist in the documents of the Cairo Geniza. Brendan's first book, Camps of the Uncircumcised: The Cairo Geniza and Jewish Life in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, is forthcoming in 2021. His second book project examines the prison system in medieval Egypt through Jewish documents.

Barbara-Lahav headshot 150x150 

Barbara Lahav

Guest Speaker: SCHOCKEN
Zoom Conversation: Wednesday, March 10 at 7:30pm

Barbara Lahav
grew up in Mount Baker and Seward Park and moved to Israel the summer after graduating from Franklin High School. She attended The Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. While living in Israel, Barbara worked professionally at the Israel Museum in the Exhibit Design Department. Following this position Barbara worked for the Schocken Family, including local Managing Editor of Kol Ha'Ir, the Ha'aretz affiliated Jerusalem weekly and representing Schocken Publishing at the annual book fair in Jerusalem and distribution of the Schocken English publications. Barbara moved back to Seattle in 1986 with husband Eli, another Bezalel alum and sons, Ben and Adam. In Seattle she worked for the local Jewish newspaper, The Transcript, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and worked as the Program Director of Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation. Before retiring Barbara served as the Pacific Northwest Finance Director for J Street.

Joe-Schocken-Headshot 150x150 

Joe Schocken

Guest Speaker: SCHOCKEN
Zoom Conversation: Wednesday, March 10 at 7:30pm

Joseph L. Schocken is founder and Chairman of Broadmark Realty Capital (BRMK, NYSE) and President of Tranceka Capital LLC. He was an Obama appointee to the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and has testified on capital formation before committees at both the U.S. House and Senate. Mr. Schocken is recognized as one of the driving forces behind the 2011 JOBS Act and initiated the Protecting Religiously Affiliated Institutions Act of 2017 to combat anti-Semitism. He is the local AIPAC Chair, serves on the AIPAC National Council, the DNC National Finance Committee, and previously on the Seattle Affordable Middle Income Housing Council.

Noemi-Schory-headshot 130

Noemi Schory

Director: SCHOCKEN
Zoom Conversation: Wednesday, March 10 at 7:30pm

Noemi Schory has produced and edited more than 100 documentaries including A FILM UNFINISHED (SJFF 2014), THE INNER TOUR, SOS-ISRAEL'S GENERAL, and the historic films of Yad Vashem museum and directed among others THE STATE OF ISRAEL VS. JOHN IVAN DEMJANUK, and TRANSPORT 222.

BeckyTahel-Bordo Headshot 130x130

Becky Tahel

Zoom Conversation: Thursday, March 11 at 7pm

Becky Tahel was born in Haifa, Israel and raised in Philadelphia. She graduated from Temple University with a degree in Communications & Theater. She lives in Los Angeles where she runs Go Tahel Productions. American Birthright is her flagship film.

Brad-Rothschild headshot 130x130 

Brad Rothschild

Zoom Conversation: Sunday, March 14 at 4pm

Brad Rothschild
is an award winning producer and writer with both a creative and a business background. He received a Masters in International Affairs and a Masters in Business Administration, both from Columbia University. From 1995-1997, he served as the speechwriter and director of communications for the Mission of Israel to the United Nations. Previous films include producer for KINDERBLOCK 66: RETURN TO BUCHENWALD, director for AFRICAN EXODUS, and TREE MAN.

Jesse-Dylan headshot 130x130

Jesse Dylan

Director: SOROS
Zoom Conversation: Wednesday, March 17 at 6:30pm

Jesse Dylan is a prolific director, immersive storyteller, and visionary problem-solver. Jesse has dedicated his career to telling the stories of some of the world's most innovative individuals and organizations including Barack Obama's YES WE CAN video, The Clinton Global initiative, XPrize Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, The Columbia School for Journalism, The Getty among others. His mission is to inspire passion, engage, and motivate people to take action. He is the son of singer Bob Dylan.

Priscilla-Cohen headshot 130x130

Priscilla Cohen

Producer: SOROS
Zoom Conversation: Wednesday, March 17 at 6:30pm

Producer Priscilla Cohen has created award-winning content that is both socially responsible and visually compelling, bringing an authentic and compassionate voice to each new project. In 2008 she worked alongside filmmaker Jesse Dylan to produce the Emmy-Award winning YES WE CAN video on behalf of then-candidate Barack Obama. Prior to working with Dylan, Cohen was a film executive at several companies including Miramax, Geffen Pictures, and Robert Redford's Wildwood Productions. Some of the films that she worked on include: INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, and WITHIN THE WHIRLWHIND, which won the European Time For Peace award. She also served as director of The Performing Arts Program at the Exploratorium in San Francisco and has a background in the performing arts, having worked at several Off-Broadway venue including The National Theater Institute, the Padua Hills Playwrights' Festival, and The Magic Theater.

Martin-Goldsmith Whitman-headshot 130x130

Martin Goldsmith

Film Subject and Co-Screenwriter: WINTER JOURNEY
Zoom Conversation: Thursday, March 18 at 7pm

Martin Goldsmith is the author of The Inextinguishable Symphony: A True Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany, which tells the riveting story of the Kulturbund, an all-Jewish performing arts ensemble maintained by the Nazis between 1933 and 1941, an ensemble that included Goldsmith's parents. His book is the basis of the acclaimed film WINTER JOURNEY, co-written by Goldsmith, directed by Anders Ostergaard, and starring the late Bruno Ganz. Goldsmith is also the author of Alex's Wake: A Voyage of Betrayal and a Journey of Remembrance, the story of his grandfather and uncle, who were two of the more than 900 passengers on the ill-fated Jewish refugee ship St. Louis in 1939, and his own six-week journey in their footsteps in 2011. Goldsmith has been a classical music radio programmer and presenter for forty-nine years. From 1989 to 1999, he served as the host of "Performance Today," National Public Radio's daily classical music program, which won the coveted Peabody Award for broadcasting during his tenure. Semi-retired from Sirius XM Satellite Radio in Washington, DC, where he served as the company's Director of Classical Music Programming starting in 2000, Goldsmith now hosts music programs on weekend afternoons.

Culinary Partners

Make it a Special Event! ORDER NOW >>

We are thrilled to partner with these locally owned businesses, supporting them and making your virtual festival experience delicious.

While we may be apart, and missing the buttered popcorn, our culinary partners will turn home-viewing into a special event. Most are offering free pickup options (in store or at the Stroum Jewish Community Center - check date/times) or direct delivery for a fee.

Check back for more Partners: Coming soon! Wolf & Spice Kosher Catering for BREAKING BREAD Culinary Cinema Film!


Trophy Cupcakes color logoTrophy Cupcake SJFF theme


March 4: Opening Night Cinema Cupcakes

Trophy Cupcake 4-Pack includes two chocolate/vanilla cupcakes and two vanilla/vanilla cupcakes, both with custom Seattle Jewish Film Festival edible photo toppers!  

  • $23: 4-Pack of SJFF-themed cinema cupcakes
  • Choose regular or gluten free (allergen information: gluten free pack made with almond flour)
  • Deadline for order: March 3, noon

Free Pickup at SJCC on Thurs. March 4, 4-6pm before Opening Night Film
Enjoy with Opening Night Film: HOWIE MANDEL: BUT, ENOUGH ABOUT ME


 btn buynow off
via PayPal
order by 3/3!



Zylberchteins-full-logo 300px

Zylbershteins-Bagel-Kit-for-4 150x150

March 6/7: Opening Weekend Zylbershtein Brunch Kits

Zylberschtein's Brunch Kits include bagels, cream cheese, rugelach (apricot + pecan), and babka buns (chocolate + almond). They will donate a portion of sales to SJFF and Stroum Jewish Community Center.

  • $16: Brunch Kit for 2 contains 2 of each item + 4 oz. cream cheese
  • $32: Brunch Family Kit (feeds 4) contains 4 of each item above + 8 oz. cream cheese
  • Option to add items to your order at checkout. Choose free pickup at the store or SJCC, or delivery (for a fee)

Free Pickup at SJCC on Sunday, March 7, 9-10am
Enjoy with Sunday Brunch Film: COMMON GOAL


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WolfSpice Black Logo
WolfSpice dishes

March 11: Culinary Cinema Kosher Mediterranean + a Movie

Wolf & Spice Menu: Seattle's new Va'ad-certified Kosher caterer is offering two delectable dinner options for our Middle Eastern Culinary Cinema program. They will donate a portion of sales to SJFF and Stroum Jewish Community Center.

  • $15: Schawarma made from slow roasted chicken thighs, coated in a delicious spice blend, and served with earthy hummus, zesty Israeli salad, and homemade charrif. Includes house salad.
  • $15: Beef or Vegetarian (Impossible Meat) Arayas. A Lebanese dish seasoned and stuffed into pita grilled over an open fire with homemade chipotle aioli. Includes choice of side salad or roasted potatoes. 
  • Order cutoff: March 8, 9pm!

Pickup Only: Choose location at checkout (N. Seattle, Seward Park, or Eastside)
Enjoy with our Culinary Cinema Film: BREAKING BREAD


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order by 3/8!




 RubinsteinBagels Logo CMYKrubinstein-bagel-shot lox-onion-capers 150x150  

March 14: Sunday Rubinstein Bagels Pop-Up on Mercer Island

Menu Options:

  • $12: Bagel + Lox Sandwich Kit -  choice of bagel, portion of lox, red onion, capers
  • $12: Pastrami Sandwich Kit with all the fixings: choice of bagel, horseradish coleslaw, yellow mustard, mayo 
  • $22: Half-dozen bagels + 8 oz. shmear
  • Choose free pickup at the store or SJCC. Delivery weekdays only (for a fee). 
Free Pickup at SJCC on Sunday, March 14, 10-11am (in-store pickup or midweek delivery anytime during the festival)
Enjoy with Sunday Matinee: ON BROADWAY

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on their website









Typography Sample

You can create some beautiful content by using some simple HTML elements. The Warp theme framework offers some neat styles for all HTML elements and a great set of CSS classes to style your content. Basic HTML is very easy to learn and this small guide shows you how to use all styles provided by the Warp framework.

Basic HTML Elements

Here is a short demonstration of text-level semanticts. The <p> element creates a new paragraph. It will have some space before and after itself. To turn your text into hypertext just use the <a> element.

Text-Level Semantics

You can emphasize text using the <em> element or to imply any extra importance the <strong> element. Highlight text with no semantic meaning using the <mark> element. Markup document changes like inserted or deleted text with the <del> element or <ins> element. To define an abbreviation use the <abbr> element and to define a definition term use the <dfn> element.

Short List with Links

  • YOOtheme – Premium Joomla Templates and WordPress Themes
  • Warp Framework – Fast and Slick Theme Framework
  • ZOO – Content Application Builder
  • Stock Icons – For Web and Print Projects

Quotations and Code

Inline quotations can be defined by using the <q> element.

The <blockquote> element defines a long quotation which also creates a new block by inserting white space before and after the blockquote element.

To define a short inline computer code use the <code> element. For a larger code snippet use the <pre> element which defines preformatted text. It creates a new text block which preserves both spaces and line breaks.

pre {
    margin: 15px 0;
    padding: 10px;
    font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 18px;
    white-space: pre-wrap;

Use the <small> element for side comments and small print.

Module Positions

features module positions

Here's a useful guide to module locations for this site. When choosing a new pmodule you can reference this grid to choose the position you would like it appear in. You can easily add your own module layouts. The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration. For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles.



Useful CSS Classes

Here is a short demonstration of all style related CSS classes provided by the Warp framework.

Highlight Content

Drop caps are the first letter of a paragraph which are displayed bigger than the rest of the text. You can create a drop cap using the CSS class dropcap. To emphasize text with some small boxes use <em> element with the CSS class box.

This simple box is intended to group large parts of your content using the CSS class box-content.
This is a simple box to highlight some text using the CSS class box-note.
This is a simple box with useful information using the CSS class box-info.
This is a simple box with important notes and warnings using the CSS class box-warning.
This is a simple box with additional hints using the CSS class box-hint.
This is a simple box with download information using the CSS class box-download.

Use the CSS class dotted to create a dotted horizontal rule.


Create a zebra stripped table using using the CSS class zebra.

Table caption
Table HeadingTable HeadingTable Heading
Table Footer Table Footer Table Footer
Table Data Table Data Data Centered
Data Bold Table Data Data Centered
Table Data Table Data Data Centered

Definition Lists

Create a nice looking definition list separated with a line by using the CSS class separator.

Definition List
A definition list is a list of terms and corresponding definitions. To create a definition list use the <dl> element in conjunction with <dt> to define the definition term and <dd> to define the definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
This is another definition description.