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Centerpiece Film & Concert

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Film: Rock in the Red Zone

ROCK IN THE RED ZONE is a feature-length music documentary about Sderot, a town of factory workers and rock musicians transforming Israel’s sound, is also the target of near-constant Hamas rockets. Filmmaker Laura Bialis travelled there to tell this captivating story and fell in love, changing the course of her life.

Concert: Avi Vaknin Unplugged


Avi Vaknin is a singer, composer, writer and music producer, born and raised in Sderot, Israel. His critically acclaimed debut album Square of the Lost was published in the summer of 2008. Music critic Amos Oren wrote: “A pearl in a sea of attempts by unknown artists. Vaknin has a unique voice that sounds rough and angelic, with fragile vocals and delightful melodies, with ethnic colors and soul music.

For ten years, Vaknin managed Sderock, a music club and rehearsal space for teenagers that cultivates young artists in Sderot. Using this framework, he created master classes, bringing major Israeli artists from the industry to work with Sderot’s youth.

 Avi produced two albums with bands from Sderock: The Record Project (2001) and The Hope Project (2007).  With lyrics written by the youth of Sderot about the frustrations of life under Qassam rocket fire, The Hope Project combined the talents of three Hip Hop bands under Vaknin’s direction.  The project toured Israel to raise awareness about the situation in Sderot, and to give a voice to the expressions of Sderot’s youth.



Film Details:

Director: Laura Bialis
Country: Israel
Language: English, Hebrew w/subtitles
Running Time: 87 minutes
Year: 2014
Genre: Documentary
Official Website


  • Music
  • Israeli/Palestinian Relations
  • Israel


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