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No events for Latter Day Jew

VIRTUAL SCREENING WINDOW: June 26, 7:00 pm through June 28, 7:00 pm (48 hours)

Comedy Pride Centerpiece + LGBTQ Spotlight

Converting to Judaism isn't something to be taken lightly—but that doesn't mean it can't be funny. This winsome and surprisingly tender documentary follows comedian H. Alan Scott through his stumbling but sincere adult bar mitzvah preparations. Raised Mormon, Scott came out as gay, became a stand-up comedian in New York, and survived cancer. Along the way, he gravitated to Judaism and eventually converted. Now, at age 34, he is planning an epic Golden Girls-themed celebration—and trying to figure out his place in the world. With a charming charismatic twinkle, and droll self-deprecation, Scott seeks counsel from his rabbi in Los Angeles, ex-LDS Jewish converts in New York, and his family back in Missouri. Interviews with prominent Jewish comedians like Judy Gold, clips from his stand-up gigs, and a trip to Israel for Tel Aviv Pride augment the inherent humor of a novel spiritual journey in this sincere, frank, and very funny inquiry into the complexities of chosen identity.

Special Guest (via Zoom)

VIRTUAL COMEDY/STORYTELLING STAND-UP SHOW with Comedian H. Alan Scott on Sunday, June 28 at 7:30 pm 

Scott guest  H. Alan Scott is a writer/comedian/producer and tonight's film subject. His work has been published on VICE, Fusion, Esquire, Newsweek, Nerdist, MTV, and OUT. He's contributed to Jim Henson's No, You Shut Up on Fusion, TV Land's Younger, and BBC's Danger Mouse. He co-hosts the "Out on the Lanai: The Golden Girls Podcast"; and "You're Making it Worse" on Dan Harmon's Starburns Audio Network. He's appeared on MTV, Fusion, CNN, ABC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Ellen. IMDB

Director Bio

Aliza Rosen is a Los Angeles-based television and film producer and director known for co-creating and producing the investigative docuseries THE CASE OF: JONBENET RAMSEY (2016) and THE CASE OF CAYLEE ANTHONY (2018).

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Film Details:

Director: Aliza Rosen
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 85m
Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary
Official Website


  • Religion
  • Mormon
  • Conversion
  • Comedy/Humor
  • Family- Relationships
  • Jewish Journey