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About The Film

An 80-year-old Slovak translator Ali Ungár (played by the Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel) arrives in Vienna with a gun in his pocket to take revenge on the SS officer who killed his parents—but instead Ali finds the officer’s paunchy, aging son Georg (Peter Simonischek), a retired teacher who hated his father. Stung by Ali’s accusations of anti-Semitism and curious to learn more about his father’s nefarious past, Georg joins Ali on a seriocomic road trip to locations in his father’s wartime diaries to discover where Ali’s parents are buried.

Their bittersweet journey juxtaposes life’s cruelty and comedy as the buttoned-down, distrustful Ali and boisterous, flirty Georg (thrice divorced and a heavy drinker) make for strange bedfellows. Along the way, locals struggle to either forget their tragedy or justify their complicity.

THE INTERPRETER skillfully treads the blurry lines between healing and forgetting, truth and reconciliation, as the Holocaust nears passing from living memory.

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Film Details:

Director: Martin Šulík
Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria
Language: German, Slovak, Russian w/subtitles
Running Time: 114m
Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Comedy
Original Title: Tlmočník
Rating/Warning: PG


  • Holocaust
  • Slovakia
  • Family
  • Road trip
  • Guilt
  • Responsibility



Liz and Jordan Friedman

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