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About the Film

A heartwarming story of a complicated relationship between the special-needs adult son of an aging father, who abandoned him as a child because of his disability. When his ex-wife is killed in a traffic accident, it falls to Reuven (Dov Glickman, SHTISEL), a cranky sixty-something Jerusalem garage owner, to take care of his grieving, special-needs son Gadi (Nevo Kimchi, FOOTNOTE), now in his thirties. When Reuven’s kidneys start to fail, Gadi feels he finally has the chance to do something meaningful by donating one of his own. This complicated relationship explores society’s attitude toward those who are differently abled with sensitivity, the goal of director Jacob Goldwasser, himself the father of a special-needs son.

2018 Israeli Academy Ophir Awards Winner – Best Supporting Actor: Doval’e Glickman.

Director's Statement

Jacob Goldwasser: "SHOELACES is a special project for me. As a father of a special-needs son, I never felt that the depiction of special-needs characters on film rang true. However, when I saw Nevo Kimchi's work, I was dumbfounded. He created a special-needs character, who was human and real, filled with humor, optimism and charm."

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Film Details:

Director: Jacob Goldwasser
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew w/subtitles
Running Time: 90m
Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Comedy
Original Title: Shruchim/שרוכים"
Rating/Warning: PG – Language


  • Family
  • relationships
  • aging
  • special needs children
  • sacrifice