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No events for Praise the Lard

About the Film:

The untold story of the pork industry in Israel, an industry that has raised ethnic tensions and heated struggles over the country's short history. Sitting firmly between Israel's essential identity issues and the fundamental right to freedom of choice, this taboo in Jewish tradition has become one of the secular state's most prominent symbols. Director Chen Shelach traces pig farming back to the Zionist movement's attempt to create a "new Jew" in the land of Israel, unbeholden to old traditions, and explores this new identity’s struggle to survive in the face of fierce resistance from religious and observant Jews. PRAISE THE LARD presents a sharply fascinating, little-discussed take on the outsized role one farm animal has historically played in the Holy Land.

Plays with: OUR BROTHERS (short)


Film Details:

Director: Chen Shelach
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew w/subtitles
Running Time: 60m
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary


  • Kosher
  • Kashrut
  • Foodies
  • Israel's National Identity


Rubens Family Foundation
Community PartnerStroum Center for Jewish Studies