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LAND OF MILK AND FUNNY views Israel through the eyes of society's best and funniest observers: stand-up comedians. For fifteen years, Avi Liberman has been taking fellow American comedians of different backgrounds to Israel.  As they tour and perform across the country, some are deeply affected, overcome by the spiritual significance of Biblical and historic sites; others are wildly irreverent. The hilarious Craig Robinson memorably recounts his failed attempts to pick up girls in Hebrew. Blending unscripted off-the-cuff travel buddy jokes, stage antics, awkward cultural encounters, and backstage observations, LAND OF MILK AND FUNNY is a comedy road paved with comedy gold.

Born in Israel, raised in Texas, Liberman's tours feature 30 renowned comedians (i.e., Gary Gulman, Craig Robinson, Ray Wood Jr., Dan Naturman, and Dwight Slade) doing 100 shows, selling over 20,000 tickets for charity.

Special Event: Matzoh Momma Brunch

Special Guest:

Dwight Slade comedian-sm

Comedian Dwight Slade
began his comedy career at the tender age of 13 in Houston, Texas when he and friend Bill Hicks began writing jokes to try out on friends. Soon they were defying their parent's curfew and riding their bikes to open mikes. Slade has appeared on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show and HBO's "Best of the US Comedy Arts Festival." Slade went to Israel in 2007 with Director and comedian Avi Liberman. He says it had a profound impact on his life. IMDB


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Film Details:

Director: Avi Liberman
Country: USA/Israel
Language: English
Running Time: 80m
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary


  • Road Trip
  • Israeli Troups
  • Comedy Tour

Rating/Warning: PG (language)


Susan and Ted Klastorin
Event Sponsors: Matzoh Momma Catering | Pip and Miriam Meyerson
Community Partner: The Rivkin Center for Ovarian Health, Temple B'nai Torah