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When she was nine years old, Naomi Kutin, broke a powerlifting world record and became an international phenomenon. A seemingly typical Orthodox Jewish teenager, Naomi goes to school, does her homework, hangs out with friends—and can lift more than twice her weight. SUPERGIRL follows Naomi’s unique coming-of-age story as she fights to hold on to her title while navigating the perils of adolescence—negotiating strict religious obligations,  cyber-bullying, and health issues that might jeopardize her future in the sport. With her family supporting her every step of the way, Naomi must learn to accept herself and discover she is as strong inside as she is outside.

Special Guests

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Jessie Auritt is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in New York City. Her short film, THE BIRDMAN (2012), screened at festivals around the country and received multiple awards, including the Slamdance Grand Jury Prize for Short Documentary in 2013. In addition to independent filmmaking, she has shot, edited, directed, and produced videos for UNICEF,, the New York Daily News, and many other companies and nonprofit organizations. Jessie is an alumnus of the IFP Documentary Lab and a member of the women’s filmmaker group, Film Fatales. SUPERGIRL is Jessie’s debut as a feature film director.

Erik DuggerErik Dugger is editor of SUPERGIRL. He has worked on a number of feature-length documentaries including LITTLE WHITE LIE (2014), in which a young Jewish woman raised in an all-white community confronts her family & her own identity after discovering she is actually black at age eighteen. Erik's work has been featured on the Sundance Channel, the Discovery Channel, A&E Biography, as well as PBS's Independent Lens and POV series.

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Film Details:

Director: Jessie Auritt
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 80m
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Official Website


  • Coming-of-Age
  • Modern Orthodox Jews
  • Powerlifting
  • Women’s issues
  • Self-acceptance

Rating/Warning: G