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Picture of His Life | Opening Night Film

Thursday, March 19, 2020 | 07:30pm - 09:30pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About the Film: World-renowned National Geographic wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum journeys to capture his most elusive subject.
Special Event: Get decked out old-Hollywood style! Happy hour (cash bar) + photo booths start 6:30pm, with a silver soirée after-party catered by Tom Douglas.
Special Guests: Director Dani Menkin and photographer Amos Nachoum. Menkin and Martin Selig will be honored with SJFF's 2020 REEL/REAL Difference Awards.

Golden Voices - Seattle

Saturday, March 21, 2020 | 05:00pm - 06:40pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About: Film-dubbing stars find quirky ways to make a living as Soviet immigrants in Israel.

Lyrebird (aka The Last Vermeer)

Saturday, March 21, 2020 | 07:00pm - 08:30pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About: Guy Pearce stars as a flamboyant Dutch art dealer accused of selling a precious, stolen Vermeer painting to the Nazis.


Saturday, March 21, 2020 | 09:05pm - 11:00pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About: An Orthodox Jew seeks forgiveness from his fresh-out-of-jail former crime buddy. 

The Spy Behind Home Plate | Sunday Brunch Film

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 11:00am - 12:45pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About the Film: Sports and spy craft collide in this double-header documentary about major leaguer Moe Berg.
Special Event: Sunday Klezmer Brunch (9:30 am) is a full Jewish-food smorgasbord by Mangia Bene Catering. Film only tickets also available.

The Final Hour | Sephardic Spotlight

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 01:20pm - 03:20pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About: A Sephardic woman voyages across Europe to unearth her roots and ancestral language. Followed by an echar lashon (coffee klatch) with biscochos.
Special Guests: Producer Cem Kitapci and UW Professor Devin Naar.

I Was Not Born a Mistake | Gay Gezunt: LGBTQ Spotlight

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 03:50pm - 05:20pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About: Yiscah Smith’s transition from an Orthodox rabbi to a woman brought her back to Judaism and Israel.
Special Guest: Yiscah Smith 

A Tribute to Elliott Gould

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 06:00pm - 07:30pm | AMC Pacific Place 11

About the Tribute: SJFF celebrates Elliott Gould's lifetime of achievement on and off the silver screen with our 2020 REEL Difference Award. The Oscar-nominee discusses and share clips from his compelling career spanning six decades, his Jewish identity, and philanthropic work.
Special Guests: Actor Elliott Gould in conversation with Warren Etheredge.

The Ancient Law | Centerpiece

Monday, March 23, 2020 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm | The Paramount Theatre

About: STG + SJFF present a special Jewish edition of "Silent Movie Mondays" with a live ensemble.
Special Guests: Original live score performed by world-renowned klezmer violinist/composer Alicia Svigals and pianist/composer Donald Sosin (co-composers) with clarinetist Laura DeLuca. Post-film discussion with film scholar Cynthia Walk.

The Passengers

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 06:30pm - 07:55pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: The struggle of Ethiopian Jews to survive and immigrate to Israel against all odds.

Shorts Program: Ever Forget?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 08:20pm - 09:50pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: Memory can be a blessing; it can also be a burden. For Jews, it's a preoccupation.
Curated by Warren Etheredge: Seven international award winning shorts and new discoveries. Don't miss these special festival treats!

Ask Dr. Ruth | Free Senior Matinee

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | 02:00pm - 03:40pm | Aegis Living of Queen Anne at Rodger's Park

In consideration of the health of Aegis Living residents, this free event is postponed until further notice.
 How did this Holocaust survivor become America’s most famous sex therapist?
Free for age 65+ and pass holders only. Seating limited. Snacks too!

Breaking Bread | Culinary Cinema

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | 06:30pm - 08:00pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: The first Muslim Arab to win Israel’s MasterChef makes social change through food.
Special Event: Hummus Tasting 
Special Guest Intro: Joel Gamoran


Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | 08:30pm - 10:15pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: Can Israeli and Palestinian music students achieve harmony?

Mrs. G

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 06:30pm - 07:40pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: The unlikely story of a Holocaust survivor who became a swimwear mogul (Gottex).

The Keeper

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 07:55pm - 10:10pm | SIFF Cinema Uptown

About: True story of a German POW who became a legendary goalie for Manchester City.

Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles | Matinee @ the J

Friday, March 27, 2020 | 12:30pm - 02:00pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: What makes this quintessentially Jewish musical speak to everyone?
includes coffee, tea, cookies, and conversation.


Saturday, March 28, 2020 | 07:00pm - 08:45pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: A young woman is torn between her Syrian Jewish family and forbidden love.

Incitement | Israeli Night Spotlight

Saturday, March 28, 2020 | 09:15pm - 11:18pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: A psychological thriller chronicling the radicalization of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin.
Happy Hour in the J Café before the show, 6-9:30pm

Sustainable Nation: J-Serve Teens Only

Sunday, March 29, 2020 | 12:50pm - 01:50pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: Half the globe will face water scarcity by 2025. Israeli innovators are working to change that and heal the world.
About J-Serve:
BBYO + SJCC host the nation's largest teen volunteer intiative (Sun. Mar. 29, noon-4pm): register here!


Sunday, March 29, 2020 | 01:15pm - 03:00pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: The reign and volatile legacy of Israel’s first (and only) female prime minister.

Those Who Remained

Sunday, March 29, 2020 | 03:30pm - 05:00pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: A young survivor finds an unlikely father figure in post-war Soviet Hungary.

Latter Day Jew | Seattle Closing Night

Sunday, March 29, 2020 | 06:50pm - 08:45pm | SJCC - Mercer Island

About: A gay, ex-Mormon, cancer-surviving comedian prepares for his bar mitzvah.
Special Guest: Comedian H. Alan Scott
Special Event: Standup comedy + Silver Sendoff Closing Reception, sweet treats and a champagne toast.

Aulcie | Eastside Opening Night

Saturday, April 04, 2020 | 07:30pm - 09:00pm | Regal Bella Bottega

About: The rise, fall, and redemption of an American-Israeli basketball legend.
Special Event: SJFF Eastside Edition is moving to Redmond and enjoy popcorn on us! Attendees receive a gift card good for concessions.

Golden Voices - Eastside

Saturday, April 04, 2020 | 09:30pm - 11:10pm | Regal Bella Bottega

About: Film-dubbing stars find quirky ways to make a living as Soviet immigrants in Israel.

The Rabbi Goes West

Sunday, April 05, 2020 | 02:55pm - 04:45pm | Regal Bella Bottega

About: Meet the new Frisco Kid: a charismatic Chabad rabbi who moved from Brooklyn to Bozeman, Montana.
Special Guest: Rabbi Chaim Bruk.

In Your Eyes

Sunday, April 05, 2020 | 05:20pm - 06:30pm | Regal Bella Bottega

About the Film: Backstories of Israel’s surprisingly diverse YouTube stars.

Shalom Taiwan | Eastside Closing Night

Sunday, April 05, 2020 | 07:00pm - 08:30pm | Regal Bella Bottega

About the Film: A rabbi must save his Buenos Aires community in Taiwan.