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Lyrebird (a.k.a. The Last Vermeer)

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No events for Lyrebird (a.k.a. The Last Vermeer)

The Stroum Jewish Community Center announced the decision not to proceed with the Seattle Jewish Film Festival scheduled for March 19 – 29 and April 4 – 5. Options are being explored for a rescheduled film festival to take place in the summer or early fall of 2020.

More information:

About The Film

A Dutch Jewish officer played by Claes Bang, the star of 2017 Cannes Palme d'Or winner THE SQUARE (another movie set in the art world), is charged with prosecuting war criminals, and zeroes in on one mysterious figure, an ambitious and eccentric Dutch artist and art dealer named Han van Meegeren (superbly played by Guy Pearce). He is accused of selling a precious and valuable Vermeer painting and collaborating with the Nazis, but there is more to the picture than meets the eye. Consumed by his own greed and insecurity, things spin out of control. Ridley Scott helped to produce this drama with a twist based on a true story of an art forgery that rocked the Nazi high command during and after World War II.

Director Bio

First-time film director Dan Friedkin was born in San Diego and holds a master's degree in finance from Rice University. He has produced and executive produced many award-winning films, including HOT SUMMER NIGHTS (2017), THE SQUARE (2017), ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD (2017), THE MULE (2018), and THE FESTIVAL SELECTION DESTROYER (2018)

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Film Details:

Director: Dan Friedkin
Country: USA
Language: English
Running Time: 117m
Year: 2019
Genre: Narrative


  • Vermeer
  • Art, Art Dealer, Art Collecting
  • Nazis
  • WWII
  • Forgery

Rating/Warning: PG