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About The Film

When the women’s balcony in a Sephardic modern Orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem collapses during a bar mitzvah, leaving the elderly rabbi in shock and his wife in the hospital, the close-knit congregation falls into crisis. Most everyone regards the collapse as the tragic result of a structural flaw, but the break is also spiritual. No one stops to wonder if it might be a message from God until a young, charismatic new rabbi comes along and asserts his authority, pushing his fundamentalist ways, and suggests that the men have not done enough to ensure their women’s modesty. The balcony tragedy is a divine warning, testing the women’s friendships and creating a rift between the congregation’s women and men. At once rebellious and respectful, challenging and charming, this feature film debut by Emil Ben-Shimon (with an upbeat Mizrahi score by Ahuva Ozeri and sumptuous food scenes) is a touching, good-hearted tale and rousing battle of the sexes.

Plays with: WIG SHOP (short)

Director Bio

Emil Ben-Shimon is a director and writer, known for ED MEDINA (2005) and SUSEY PERE (2016). WOMEN’S BALCONY is Emil’s first feature film.

Womens Balcony Poster

Film Details:

Director: Ismach Hatani
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew w/subtitles
Running Time: 96m
Year: 2016
Genre: Drama


  • Sephardi
  • Women's Stories
  • Religion
  • Relationships
  • Patriarchy
  • Equality
  • Funny Stories

Rating/Warning: PG

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