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Comming soon.... Israeli TV show (ALL 12 episodes of season 1) | stay tuned for more information.

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It’s no wonder that this legal thriller has been optioned for an American remake. Israel’s hot, new television series is reminiscent of HBO’s The Night After in its gripping portrayal of a well-meaning family ensnared in modern-day Israel’s underworld. Micah Alkobi is a rising-star judge preparing to run for a powerful public office when he learns that his troubled teenage son was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Turns out, the injured motorcyclist is the son of a notoriously violent Israeli crime family boss. As the plot unfolds, the series’ title, Your Honor (Kvodo), takes on a double meaning, as the judge discovers just how many laws he’s willing to break in order to shield his son from mortal harm. While the series centers around Alkobi’s Breaking Bad-like transformation, some of the best scenes involve the women who confront him: his mother-in-law, a young legal protégé drawn into the case; and a police detective who begins to suspect him. Winner of the Grand Prix at France’s prestigious Festival Series Mania. 

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Program Details:

Original Title: Kvodo
Director: Roni Ninio
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew w/subtitles
Running Time: 130m
Year: 2017
Genre: TV Drama - Season 1, Episodes 1 - 12


  • TV Series
  • Politics

Rating/Warning: R (violence)


Law Office of William D. Hochberg

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